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Natural soaps

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Citric Soap

Tangerine, lemon and bergamot come together in this exquisite soap to delight you with its delicious aroma.


Coffee Soap

Based on the popular wisdom this coffee concentrate soap is very effective to eliminate persistent odors.

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Goat Milk Soap

Proteins in milk provide great beauty and moisture to the skin leaving it soft fro the first use.


Carrot and Shea Butter Soap

This very nourishing soap helps your skin to replenish from solar radiation and at the same time it extends the life of your tan.


Marigold and Rosemary Soap

This soap softly cares for the more sensitive and delicate skinsand at the same time it regulates oil excess.


Wheat Germ Soap

Especially indicated to deeply nourish the oily skins and help to equilibrate and rejuvenate older skins.


Soft Exfoliant Soap with Ibiza Sand

From the crystal clear beaches of "Isla Blanca" we bring the finest sand to include it in this exclusive soap.

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Cocoa Butter and Chocolate Soap

An exquisite soap that you will enjoy while you nurture your skin in depth. A big yes for the skins that easily dry and chap.


Coconut milk soap

With a base of Milk and coconut Oil we obtain one of our most foaming soaps specially indicated for oily skins.


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