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Sweet Almond Oil Soap for Baby

Sweet almond oil nurtures and moisturizes baby´s skin giving it a lot of softness


Chamomile and Honey Shampoo

Smooth and delicious shampoo crafted with chamomile and honey specially indicated to prolong the natural blonde color in the hair.


Calendula Soap for Baby

This delicate soap it´s the most recommended for your baby's skin due to it´s moisturizing and soothing qualities.


Shea soap from Senegal

A simple but difficult to find formula: Pure Shea, not refined, brought directly from Senegal and extra Virgin olive oil.


Children Care

A pack thought to tcare for the skins of our little ones.


Marigold and Rosemary Soap

This soap softly cares for the more sensitive and delicate skinsand at the same time it regulates oil excess.


Lavender Soap for Baby

Exclusively formulated with soft herbs infusions so they can be used on the baby´s delicate skin.


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Turmeric and black pepper Soap

Anti-Lice Shampoo

Argan Soap

Rosemary and Green Nettle Sampoo


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